Monday, September 29, 2014

I càn be a Novelist ....

Hmm.. tonite I feel so bored. Feels like to read a novel but I never bought any novel before; 8-)

Luckly I found online portal that allow anyone to read short stories, novels, and poems, etc so many genre of stories available. Fiction,romance, educational, fantasy .. u named it.

Apart of free reading, anyone can register to become a writer in Ilham"s portal. So simple !! Who knows, you have hidden talent to be top writer/novelist one day .....

Please do visit http:// for ur own experience.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jom recycle .. love earth

Hi ... today I want to encourage everyone to #Recycle. Everyone must contribute to ecosystem, #LoveEarth. I decorated my room with plants based on recycle stuff. It is very simple and easy to do.  Hope you can do it too ....

I use old computer cable to decorate my flowers. 8-)

For more ideas on recycle, visit :.

For more creative inventions, visit

Trip to Cenang, Langkawi

This is 1st time holiday at Pantai Cenang, Langkawi #LangkawiMalaysia. Very convenient to go to Langkawi by flight. Firefly ( has direct flight from terminal 3 Subang to Langkawi airport. The journey  is only 1 hour, refreshment juice and cup cake served on the plane.
We stayed at Asenia hotel which is located not far from underwater world, free duty zone, malls and beach.

Love the big waves, shops along the beach and variaties of food stalls. We have dinner at Telaga Seafood not far from Chenang Mall.

Langkawi Cable Car is another main attraction especially for person who love height. Our journey to top of the mountain a bit scary because of heavy raining.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Visit to I-City, Shah Alam

This is my 3rd visit to I-City, Shah Alam togethor with my BFF and kids. Few new stuffs introduced for the kids. And we back to the Snow Walk again just to get cool.

Sharing photos using Samsung Nexus

Ini beberapa gambar diambil menggunakan Samsung Nexus. I love it.... the photos are very clear and sharp images.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dubai Vacation, Part 2

We were @ Naig Souq

Day 3 : Early morning trip to Ibn Battuta Mall ( mall sound as "mull') using the metro train. How's the Metro train ?... hmm, quite the same as LRT at KL except the train has Gold Class (seat for the purchaser with bigger seating). And the design of Metro Station is like in Star Wars movie.....

Metro Station (Train Station)

Metro Route

Ibn Battuta Mall has nice decorations inside the mall .... enjoy the photos.

Evening we had dinner at Naif Souq - KE treat @ Naif Souq. Very delicious bryani.

Free n Easy Dubai Vacation, 2011

At KLIA waiting for 2pm flight to Dubai.

Myself, Che Sarim, Salizawati and Ella were so happy for the 1st time visiting Lyda at Dubai. Our flight was scheduled at 2pm and touched DXB at 5pm (Dubai time). At Dubai airport, the immigration lines were so long & slow!! The immigration staff just doing their work steady and slowly .. the lady was busy chatting & make good of her tudung. Well, that was our 1st day experienced at Dubai. After about 1 1/2 hrs standing for the immigration, we were ready to booked a taxi to Al-Jawhara Metro hotel near Deira.

DBX, waiting at Immigration post.

After check-in at hotel, 1st day itinerary was jalan-jalan at Deira streets - looking for jubah & souvernirs. OK la .. the weather was not too HOT cause it was already around 7pm. Come back late to hotel ... & everyone was so ZZZZzzzzzzzz. For dinner myself and Che Sarim ate kebab n polmeganate juice at The Red Burger next to the hotel.

At Dubai's Bus Station

Day 2 : We had half day Dubai City Tour with ABC tour agent. Very informative tour from the agent and we dropped for photos at most of the signature spots at Dubai (Dubai Mall, The Atlantis, Museum, The Art & Natural Gallery, etc). Then we had capati & bryani at Indian food for lunch. This restaurant is not far from Old Dubai.

The shooping mission continued from the Old Dubai to Naif Souq. At Old Dubai souq, there are about 200 stall in it where you can find jubah, souvenirs, t-shirts, etc. Then we took a boat to cross the river to the Naif souq. The boat fee was 1Dhm for one person.

To be continue ......